Roofing What’s the most important part of your home or building…YES, it’s the roof! So let the experts make sure that you and your family, or your business stays warm and dry. Let O’Donnell Contracting take care of your next roofing project whether it’s your porch roof, main roof, or both. Our products start with a basic 25 year, 3-tab shingle and go on up to a lifetime guaranteed shingle. We can also handle flat roofs with rolled roofing to rubber roofing. Layover’s can be done on roofs with a maximum of one existing layer of shingles. Tear-offs are also available if you prefer a complete shingle replacement, and include installation of 1 row of ice and weather guard to the bottom roof line areas. The rest of the roof is covered with felt paper. We also flash all necessary areas needed such as chimneys, or where the house line meets the roof. For more information, go to

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