Siding, Soffit/Fascia, Seamless Gutter

We offer many choices of siding including double 4″ siding, double 4 ½” siding, and double 5″ in Straight or Dutchlap styles. We also install shake siding if you have a rustic preference. Go to, or to check out siding and exterior trim products. Soffit and Fascia Having trouble finding the right color? O’Donnell Contracting offers 50 different colors of soffit & fascia to complement your home. Go to or to check out color choices. Seamless Gutters Western Pennsylvania winters can wreak havoc on your gutters and down-spouting. We can handle installation of traditional 5″ seamless gutters from 1′ – 250′ in length. O’Donnell Contracting offers two basic colors, white and musket brown. Other colors are available for additional cost depending on the color choice. 6″ gutters are also available upon request for an additional cost. We can complete the job with all down-spouting installation and accessories needed.

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